Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Nymphomania: A History  Carol Groneman
Weight: 8.8 oz
Method of Disposal: Leaving at Joe’s in East Atlanta

I haven’t written in forever.  A week and a half ago, two emaciated pit bull puppies showed up in my driveway.  They were weak, scared, and very very hungry.  I have been trying ever since to find them a home, despite the fact that their color and breed make them the least adoptable animals in the States.  I know it is a side note but, if you want to see their progress, take a look at this blog:

Now, back to the business at hand.  I read Nymphomania last month.  I originally bought it when I was into all things sex, all the time, none stop.  Why would you want to talk about anything else?  Why would you want to talk when you could be having sex?!  Okay, maybe I was not that bad, but I was pretty close.  I have settled down a lot since then…I think.  This book is kind of like me.  A fun and more mild version of something that could have been a little bit more edgy and rambunctious. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Annie John

 Annie John  by Jamaica Kincaid
Weight: 8.8 oz
Method of disposal:  Giving to the first person to ask or leaving in a public place

Annie John was given to me as a birthday gift by my dear friends, Harriet and Connor, and it was recommended to me by a lifelong friend, Skye. I was very excited to read it, and I was not let down in the least. It is about the growing relationship between a young girl and her mother. Their relationship transforms from one made in heaven, with every kindness being bestowed on the daughter to one full of aggravation and doubt. As a child, her sense of security in her life is only troubled by nightmares and seeing disasters happen to other families, but her mother is always there to reassure her. As she becomes a teenager, the relationship shifts, as it ineveitably does in any other mother/daughter relationship. It is painful to watch from the outside. As a bystander, there are so many times where you want to offer advice, explain both sides, stop a wreck from happening but, like in real life, you cannot.

I would like to pass on the recomendation that was given to me. You should read Annie John. Please let me know if you would like a free copy!