Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Celebrated Biography

No One Here Gets Out Alive by Jerry Hopkins and Daniel Sugerman
Weight: 1.6 lbs
Method of Disposal: Recycling

I had a brief and inconsequential fascination with Jim Morrison when I was younger. I enjoyed listening to The Doors, and he seemed fairly attractive to me at the time. My taste in men has changed drastically. It use to be influenced much more by those around me and my own desires to fit in. Not that Jim Morrison was hung up in lockers and discussed in cafeterias amongst my peers, but I had heard plenty attractive adult women talk about his sexiness. I had seen the topless poster hanging up everywhere. Hell, I owned one. For the pre-teens I grew up with it was JTT, if you must know, and then it became Leonardo Dicaprio and then…I came out and stopped paying attention? I know in late high school some of the more depressed and dark crew I was wrapped up with got back in touch with their Morrison roots, all the while clinging to their Cobain fascination.

I know many people will be appalled, insulted, righteous, contrary, and/or , when I write that it was reading biographies about Jim Morrison that made me quit listening to The Doors forever and turn on Jim. He was an asshole. I remember reading about some of his exploits with women that horrified me. Things I would call sexual assault but that seemed to be represented more as glory and bravado. I started to think about the men who had made me uncomfortable or abused me in life, and then I tried to imagine those same men memorialized forever. Lusted after for ages. It made me nauseated. I just stopped, and I never looked back. Fuck you, Jim Morrison. Sex is great, nudity is lovely, pranks are fun, but there is a line that separates consent from force, and I think you crossed it. It is so easy to keep everyone safe and having fun, and yet…
I am recycling this book because I see no reason to pass down the history of this particular man.

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