Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Flame Alphabet

The Flame Alphabet by Ben Marcus
Weight: 1 lb
Method of Disposal: Throwing Away at the Vet

I am at the vet with a very sick dog on my knee. His name is Winston, and he was just rescued from a rural animal control facility.  We are waiting to find out if he has parvo. On the way over here I lost The Flame Alphabet, everything else in my car, and possibly the ability to transfer puppies for at least another year.  It wasn't pretty, but my dear friend, Winston, seems much worse.

I bought The Flame Alphabet in Lancaster on one of my last days in England. I did almost finish it, but I never did get into it. It was a great idea but poorly executed. I almost always finish a book I start. I think Winston might have just saved me some time :) Keep your fingers crossed for him!

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