Saturday, December 4, 2010


The Lone Surfer of Montanta, Kansas By Davy Rothbart
Weight:4.8 oz
Method of Disposal: Do you want it? Cause otherwise it is going to be donated—if I can resist recycling it. UPDATE: Shipped to North Carolina to reside with Amanda

This book was a major disappointment. I don’t know what I expected, but it was something much better. These short stories were written by the guy who put together FOUND magazine, which I like a lot. I have several artist friends who tell me FOUND was less than intriguing, and I believe it, on a graphic arts level, but I enjoyed it. These short stories, however, were mundane. The opposite of life-changing. My previous experience with the magazine and his work with people in the prison system had me intrigued, but the word of JUDY BLUME and ARTHUR MILLER had me convinced. On the cover there is a quote from Miller, “Davy writes with his whole heart. These stories are crushing.” I write my stories with my whole heart, but it doesn’t mean that they are automatically worth reading! Judy Blume says, “It’s always exciting to discover a talented new writer. Davy Rothbart writes with such energy, wit, and heart.” What am I missing?!

Well, here I stand. I don’t get it. There is not one story that made me feel anything. But, who am I, right? I will stick to the magazine.


  1. The Lone Surfer is one of my favorite books in the world! i won't quarrel with you if you're not a fan, but if you send me your copy i will give it to one of my friends for a holiday gift. i can send you back the money for your postage costs. my address is: mike firn, 716 north 5th avenue, ann arbor michigan, 48104. thanks!!! --mike

  2. I would love to send it to you, no postage required. Unfortunately, Someone else has already asked me for it, and I shipped it to them this morning. If you ever see another book you want it is yours for free. I am glad that you saw something in The Lone Surfer that I did not. You are in good company.