Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thank you, Nancy Garden

Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden
1999 (6th printing, first printed in 1982)
Weight: 4 oz
Method of Disposal: Donate, unless you want it

I have such fond and warm feelings for Annie on My Mind. I have talked about young adult glbt fiction on here any number of times. I have whimpered and whined and given in. I often mention not being able to find age appropriate books at the time I was realizing I was queer fabulous—when I was in middle school. Annie on My Mind was the exception. It was the only YA fiction book I found before I went into college. Don’t get me wrong, I read plenty of other things. 1 Teenager in 10, 2 Teenagers in 20, The Well of Loneliness, and so on.

I loved it. It was gentle and slow. It does not include any overt, sensual sexcapades or daring protests. It is a simple, love story about two girls realizing their feelings for each other. It seems as if they will never kiss! You know they want to, but they are too scared to admit it. I remember feeling that way when I was reading the book, and I remember having similar moments in my young, inexperienced life.

I am so glad for this book and so sad to see it go. Won’t anyone I know take it? So, I know it has a good home? It is dated now, and I am not sure who would benefit from it more—teenagers or adults—at this point. BUT it is so loveable! Aren’t you, at least, intrigued?

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