Thursday, November 3, 2011

Concrete Island

Concrete Island  by j. g. ballard
Weight: 7.2 oz
Method of Disposal: Selling or giving away

j.g. ballard was recommended to me back when I was reading all of the Chuck Palahniuk books I could get my hands on.  I was told that if I liked him I would love Ballard.  At the time, I was not as impressed by him as I hoped.  Now that some time has passed, I am no longer a fan of Palahniuk and would consider Ballard to be a much better author.

Nonetheless, there was something lacking in Concrete Island, or I just did not care about the characters at all.  I think the premise was intriguing and that I expected so much more than what I got.  I remember feeling so let down.  Maybe without the expectations it would have read better.

Things I like about this copy:
  • There is a little blue star sticker over the barcode.  This was the symbol my dear friend Sarah and I used when working at Waldenbooks to show that we did not want the book to be returned even if the PDT (?—Barnes and Noble had a different name for it) scanner told us it was not selling and it was time to send it back.
  •  The blue blue sky over the interstate on the cover
  • The Title
  • The pages changing color with age

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