Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Heartbeat

My Heartbeart  by Garret Freymann-Weyr
Weight: 11.2 oz
Method of Disposal: Donating or Giving away

It is probably fairly obvious by now why this book made it to my shelves.  It is 1) a young adult book and 2) a book that deals with queer issues—or at least an affluent, gay, male teenager.  I was impressed that the book made it into the bookstores and that it won several awards, but I felt neither here nor there about it.

A teenage girl loves hanging out with her brother, Link, and his bestfriend, James.  Then, someone at school asserts that her brother is gay and things start to spiral past her understanding.  I do like that this book does not follow typical themes.  The mother is open and knowledgeable.  It is the sibling relationship that falters.  There are not over-exaggerated theatrics or unnecessary acts of violence.  Sexuality is not completely binary and stagnant.  I don’t know.  Let me know if you want to check it out, and it is yours free.  I would love it if you told me what you thought.


  1. I absolutely freakin loved this book. I tried to write a little reaction to it but then deleted it. I can't write about books in the same way I can't speak about movies. But I love it. I loved her and it all hit so close to home. I understand why folks would call it mediocre but I think it might be my new favorite YA book. I tried to write a little about it on Goodreads...if you are interested...or we can talk about it... But thank you thank you for giving it to me and I am happy to pass it along to the next person!

  2. I am so glad you loved it. It kind of makes me want to read it again. I am on my way to Goodreads as soon as I am done responding, but I would also like to talk about it next time I see you. Let me know how you pass it on!