Saturday, July 10, 2010

This Post Might Save You Time

This Book Will Save Your Life by A.M. Homes
Weight: 1.4 lbs
Method of Disposal: Donation

I drove in the direction of Panther’s Creek for two hours but, in the end, I never did come upon a trail, a creek, or a waterfall. No inner peace and no plan. Instead, I found an eight week old kitten about to go into heat stroke. She was in a panic, darting back and forth, near her dead sibling. A woman began to kick her and the other people just watched the little one fret and then freak out. I scooped her up. She only weighed 2 lbs. We turned around and headed towards home. How does this fit in with my last entry?

I am turning, yet another, A.M. Homes’ book loose, and it is not an easy task. I hate to see her books go. I purchased This Book Will Save Your Life at a time when I really did need a savior. I would have bought it anyway, because it was written by her, but it grabbed my eye from a distance at the bookstore because I knew I needed it even before I knew the author. It was several years ago now, during one of the more difficult periods of my life.

It is in the exact condition that I bought it in except for one solitary underlining that makes me laugh now. Homes writes, “I had an accident. I was pulling out and hit some guy. No, not his car, his person. I struck his person. He’s really giving me a hard time. I hate men—if I’d run over a woman, you can bet she’d be apologizing to me” (54).

Anyway, it did not save my life. It did not even come close. I was less than impressed. And I am thinkin’ it probably won’t save my life now either and, definitely, it won’t anytime down the road so goodbye. Farewell. Go trick some other desperate person.

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