Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Madonna saved me from the worst fate that can befall a teenage girl..."

If Only by Geri Halliwell
Weight: 1.6 lbs
Method of Disposal: I don’t quite know what to do with this one. I will probably leave it somewhere in Decatur.

An older volunteer that works with the cats at the shelter recently sent me pictures of her own baby, GingerSpiceGirl. In honor of her and her kitty, I have decided to get rid of the Geri Halliwell autobiography. I must say, it was delightful to learn that this woman had named her cat after my favorite Spice Girl.

I am not proud to admit that I was once a Spice Girls fan, but then again, I do smile when I tell people. I still feel the need to put in a vague affirmation on behalf of Geri Halliwell if the topic comes up. I loved her and her fiery red hair. You could not imagine my disappointment when, upon purchasing tickets to a Spice Girls concert (That’s right. What?! What?! I am bucking at you.), I learned that Ginger Spice was leaving the band. I never got to see her live. It was a true tragedy.

In 1999, I bought If Only. I saw it on a bookshelf at the old Borders that use to be in Duluth, GA. I was very excited about it and read it right away. And I enjoyed it. That was twelve years ago, but I am going to stand by it. I had fun with it. I worried about Geri, and I appreciated her. What can I possibly say? I am a very loyal fan. I was, after all, raised as a lion. And, for the record, so was Geri.

She can be tacky and cheesy, but so can I. I am realizing, yet again, that I am still fond of her. It makes me laugh, and I like laughing. I think it will be fun to leave this book somewhere. I will enjoy imagining the next person finding it and thinking, “What the hell? Why would someone be reading a book about Ginger Spice in this day and age?” Or “Holler! I just found a Geri Halliwell book! This might be the finest day of my life to date.” Farewell, Ms. Halliwell, til we meet again.

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