Tuesday, August 30, 2016

School Days: Cartoons from the New Yorker

School Days: Cartoons From the New Yorker 2010
Weight: 8 oz
Method of Disposal: Gave to a friend at brunch who will later most likely leave it in a lending library...

Despite having learned about Bookcrossing while in college, this is the first released book I ever found.  I found it in a lending library in Decatur, GA after having Sunday brunch with my crew.  It was particularly exciting because it had a little kid's drawing as an extra inside.  I was less than impressed with the actual cartoons in the books though and had no qualms handing it over to a friend after the following Sunday's brunch.  Being a minimalist, I am sure it will find its way back to a lending library.  Being that we often brunch in Decatur, it may find its way back to the very same one.  Who knows?


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