Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Autobiography of an Execution

The Autobiography of an Execution by David R. Dow
Weight: 1.2 lbs
Method of Disposal: Gave away to brunch buddy...

I admit that I bought The Autobiography of an Execution at a discount bookstore about a week ago.  I glanced over and thought is might be worth a look, but it had no price tag so I was going to walk away.  My wife asked how much it would cost and was told $6.50.  I decided to buy it and was charged $4.50.  That was an incredibly good use of $4.50.

I was smitten with this book.  I felt like I could strangely empathize with the author, despite the fact that my life and career in no way compares to his, and was completely caught up in his point of view.  I was drawn into the stories of the death row prisoners he described and, while my heart was breaking into a million pieces, I was developing incredible amounts of respect for the death row defense lawyers.  I finished the book around 4:30 am the second night of reading it, and I was absolutely bawling beside my peacefully sleeping partner.  

I highly recommend it.  

And I hope many many more people read it and realize we need to seriously make some changes in our criminal justice system. 

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