Monday, June 21, 2010

Favorite Person of Anybody?

Cat Getting Out of a Bag and Other Observations by Jeffrey Brown
Weight: 4.8 oz
Method of Disposal: Giving away to a friend/volunteer at the shelter

I am embarrassed to admit that I bought Cat Getting Out of a Bag only several months ago, and I am already getting rid of it. This book is well worth the money I spent on it, and I probably would have kept it forever if I had not started this project and/or met Gail. This cat book of illustrations is h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s. I have not lived with a cat in over 6 years, and I am sure that I will not have one for many more years to come—I am allergic and the dogs would not allow it. However, I work with them and I think the author of this book gets what living with a cat is all about. 100%.
Gail is an incredible volunteer and woman. She has worked for the shelter longer than I have. She is also a huge fan of the felines. She has two at home that are the most spoiled animals I have ever heard about in my life—and I hear some intense pet stories from people every day. When I think of Gail, for whatever reason, I think of the short film by Miranda July called “Are You the Favorite Person of Anybody?” I do not think of it because it truly relates to her, but because if someone asked her that question she might be able to answer with my name. She will be walking the big dawgs with me tomorrow—she cannot bring herself to visit the cats—and that is when I will hand her the kitty masterpiece illustrated/created by Jeffrey Brown. If you need a summary here it is: Cats are neurotic and, often, adorable.

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