Monday, June 21, 2010

"I Walk the Dark and Dangerous Streets of L.A. Gangland."

Christopher Pike—
The Last Vampire (when it is located)
The Last Vampire 2: Black Blood (1994)
The Last Vampire 3: Red Dice (1995)
The Last Vampire 4: Phantom (1996)
The Last Vampire 5: Evil Thirst (1996)
The Last Vampire 6: Creatures of Forever (1996)
Magic Fire (1999)
The Visitor (1995)
Weight: 1 lb.
Method of Disposal: Giving to Vallan
There is nothing like a good Christopher Pike book to get you reading when you are a pre-teenager/teenager—so you might think I would do the reasonable thing and give my collection to one of the vampire-loving fanatics born from the Twilight phenomena. The problem is that Pike’s books offer a very different message than the popular series written by Stephanie Myers and either the kids and/or their parents reject my books when I offer them up. Pike had a way of treating his young readers like they were deserving of entertainment, drama, and truth. He did not shy away from the sexual undertones that made his books so important to me as a youth. I remember reading Gimme a Kiss several times because one of the main characters was bisexual and, even though she was a psycho, I felt like I could find myself somewhere in those pages if I read close enough and overlooked quite a lot. The Last Vampire series were the best though. The books are focused on a sexy, strong female lead named Alisa who is a vampire being tracked by the FBI who want to turn the world into blood-sucking monsters.
I am not trying to claim that The Last Vampire series is a feminist legacy or even that it is empowering, but at least the main female character has a voice. Alisa does not exist to take what, in any other context, would amount to abuse like our dear little Bella who is surrounded by creepy men that stalk her and destroy her property, aka the people she is infatuated with. The series also does not seem to be “abstinence porn”—a name given to Twilight by Bitch Magazine.
I am relinquishing my remaining Christopher Pike books to the woman who already has all the other ones I use to have, and to the woman who has wanted my Last Vampire books since the day she saw them on my bookshelf. I knew I was starting to love Vallan when she took each one off the shelf to re-read because she thought they were just as brilliant as I did. We were supposed to be focusing on our finals so that we could graduate college, and there she was reading Christopher Pike in bed during our all-nighters. She was very distracting. I have always been attracted to strong female leads.

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  1. This is much easier to comment on and I think the format looks great. Thank you again for the books. I am re-reading them...although I still can't find book one, so am starting on book two.