Monday, June 21, 2010

The First Book to Go

Dick For a Day Editor: Fiona Giles 1997
Method of disposal: Couldn't give away/recycling
Weight: 11.4 oz

This is the first book to go because I have to wean myself off this ownership thing slowly. This is very scary for me. I thought Dick for a Day had so much potential when I discovered it in the women’s studies section. Let’s transcend the social constructs of sex and, yes, also gender. It was lackluster and ultimately disappointing. I was let down, but here is the perfect example of me keeping a book, moving a book, displaying a book that had little to no effect on me. Why would I do that? Because it was a gift? Because it could have been better? Because it usually costs $19.00 (1 cent + shipping online) if purchased from a retail chain? Because it cannot be sold for a real profit and would probably just be thrown out if donated?
I received this book as a Christmas gift several years ago. My aunt bought it for me after seeing it on a wish list I had put together in a few minutes on demand, and she actually chose it, even as it stood amongst whatever non-genitalia related others! I do not think there are many other people in my family that would actually walk into a bookstore, pick up this book, maybe even ask for it, and then purchase it from a real cashier. The woman I was named after did. I was so happy. I felt understood and excited. She laughed at me when she handed it over and that made me happy too. I think I can remember that feeling without hauling around the extra 11.4 oz.
And by the by, I had a “dick for a day.” You can actually buy them at some stores and whip them out whenever you feel the inclination. It didn’t change my life, my sexual preference, or my self-confidence. Sometimes it is fun to have around. What would you do?

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