Friday, June 25, 2010

The Shane-Phenomenon

Jackie’s Exes by Laurel Faust
Weight: 1 lb
Method of Disposal: Recycling it on Wednesday unless someone says they want it.

I bought this book eight years ago. Yet again, I was on a desperate search for a book with at least one lesbian character. Unfortunately, the gay and lesbian section at any major bookstore is full of books like Jackie’s Exes and very little else. There is a lot of fun and/or great lesbian literature out there, but it almost seems like if it is any good it is shelved in fiction/literature . Need an example? Jeanette Winterson. Or two? Sarah Waters. Only the worst of the worst is allowed into gay/lesbian –I am not including non-fiction in this rant, though I probably could if I just tinkered with it a bit.
I now read the back of this book and cannot fathom what possessed me to purchase it—probably sheer desperation. It is about a woman that has so many angry ex-girlfriends that they decide to start a support group. I hated it eight years ago, and I cannot even bring myself to read the first page now. The distaste for it has lingered that long. There are a lot of good reviews about it online. I think it is the Shane-phenomenon. People like sexually adventurous lesbians. I do too, but I have some criteria! Jackie’s Exes is on the way to the recycling bin unless someone reading this wants it. Let me know before Wednesday.

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