Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Diary of a Schizophrenic Girl

2 x Diary of a Schizophrenic Girl Foreward by Frank Conroy/Analytic Interpretation by Marguerite Sechehaye (1970, 1994)
Weight: 12 oz
Method of Disposal: Donatine to AKS

Right before the move, I read this book.  I was really into it at first, but then I came back to my reality and started questioning its validity.  How conveniently the story fit into a Freudian cube.  I left not knowing what to trust.  It was a really interesting story, regardless, and your heart, of course, went out to the girl keeping the diary and losing the capability to see the world as a whole.

I found more copies after moving.  How did this book fall into my hands so many times and this is the first time I read it?

P.S. The following quote stood out to me right away, "I clung desperately to her, clutching at her dress.  I wanted to take refuge in her, to hide in her heart, to escape the frightful anguish that overwhelmed me (38)."  It stood out for all the wrong reasons though.  It is actually quite embarrassing and, believe me, I am not trying to demean the experience of the girl, but I immediately started thinking about my long distance partner.  Ah well.  After a month, just pulling into my driveway and remembering to come in towards the left so the bottom of my car doesn't scrap reminds me of her.  After a month, just about anything reminds me of her.

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