Friday, August 26, 2011

Fingersmith by Sarah Waters
Weight: 1 lb
Method of Disposal: Giving away or putting in a donation drop for

I just got rid of a large stack of books today. I wrote about them, but I had not brought them to be donated yet. I gave some to my friend Gail, others to friends at work, and then the rest went into a betterworldbooks drop off. They seem to have popped up all over the city and make giving books away easy.

Today, I am going to disband Fingersmith. Sarah Waters is such a pleasure to read. I always get completely sucked in and do not put the book down until I finish it. This particular book centers around two young women, Sue and Maude. One is an orphan living among thieves and the other lives a secluded life in a large house with a wealthy but twisted man. Sue becomes Maude’s housemaid in a devious and well-thought out plot to get the woman’s money. Of course, Sue and Maude begin to develop feelings for each other, but survival always wins out in Waters’ novels.

I have already given away Tipping the Velevet, now Fingersmith, and then Affinity—the really sad one. I do have Nightwatch as well, but I still have not read it. Once I do you will see it here. Until then, let me know if you want this book or any of the others I post!

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