Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kevyn Aucoin

A Beautiful Life: The Success, Struggles, and Beauty Secrets of a Legendary Makeup Artist 2003
Face Forward 2000
Kevyn Aucoin
Weight: 5.5 lbs

Method of Disposal: Donating, unless you want them
In the interest of beauty I am donating or giving away my Kevyn Aucoin books. I do not wear makeup, and I have next to zero interest in the make-up worn by celebrities. It is quite possible that the only reason I care at all is because of Kevyn Aucoin. He does some amazing transformations in both of these books. May he rest in peace.

Around the time I bought these books, I met my hair stylist. The two events were in no way related and have never been connected in any way until now. I went to have my hair done today. I use to see her regularly, but I haven’t been able to afford to get my hair done for years. It has been over two years since I visited her and yet, on the rare occasion I have someone else cut it and when I color it with color out of a box, I feel like I am cheating on her. I have been annoyingly self-loathing lately, and I knew I needed something to help me out. She always makes me feel better. I decided to call and see if she even still worked at the salon. She does, and I made my appointment. I saw her today, and it was so much fun. We talked forever, caught up, laughed, took up too much time. She, of course, also cut my hair. I love it, but I also just love her company, the attention, and the salon. I guess I am the prototype of a “woman” after all (just kidding). I am not really sure what I like most. The color, the cut, or the conversation. No matter what I feel so much lighter after getting rid of all that excess hair and so happy.

I came home, went to the local farmer’s market with two friends for veggie crepes, greek yogurt, a tiny amount of fresh fried okra, and a oatmeal cookie/cream cheese ice cream sandwich. From there, we went out for beer and much later discovered a wonderful little taco place with great vegetarian options. Too much eating and so much delicious-ness. I hit up a Goodwill and got some clothing necessities for very little money and two tennis rackets for fun. It was a pretty wonderful day. I am sad to see it go, but I guess I must sleep. If you ever want a great hair cut and/or color call Eve at Image Salon in Alpharetta,GA.

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