Sunday, February 9, 2014

Let's All Kill Constance

Let's All Kill Constance by Ray Bradbury
Weight: 14.2 oz
Method of Disposal: Leaving Somewhere

I really enjoyed this book for the first 100 pages, but I slowly started to lose interest after that and by the end I will admit I was glad it was over.  That is almost more disappointing than reading a book you do not enjoy through and through.  I had such high hopes!  I, honestly, do not have a lot to say about it other than that and that Constance Rattigan is a fantastic name for an aging Hollywood icon.
Today was one of the worst I've had in some time.  Work has been absolutely brutal.  It has been stressful, raw, emotional, and hard.  So hard.  And tomorrow is a really important day for me.  I am tired, but I am having trouble sleeping since it is all I can think about.  I am trying to distract myself by reading, blogging, and, yes, by Facebooking. :(  Send me all your positive energy, keep your fingers crossed, and hope tomorrow is a fantastic day.

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