Tuesday, October 8, 2013

13 Days Bundle

A Streetcar Named Desire  by Tennessee Williams (1974)
Blondes! 25 Vintage Photos  by Susan Bernard (1995)
Depression: The Evolution of Powerlessness  by Paul Gilbert (1992)
Real Life: Real Spice The Official Story by The Spice Girls (1997)
The Guide to Legally Obtaining a Foreign Passport by D.O'nes (1990)
My Date With Satan  by Stacey Richter (2000)
Weight: 7 lbs
Method of Disposal: Leaving somewhere public tomorrow

These books may not appear, on the face of it, to have anything in common, but they are bundled together for many great reasons!  Don't tell anyone else.  I am only allowed to tell two people myself, but The Love of My Life will be visiting me in just under two weeks and, though the visit will be brief, it could not come at a better time.  We will be able to move into and set up our house together.  We are just renting but, still, we picked it out together.  And there are horses. So...perfect.

And just to be super tacky: I had a date with Satan, which created some real life spice, and I left behind the blondes! on a streetcar named desire.  Then Satan left me, and I fell into a depression and dreamed of obtaining a foreign passport and a new life.  See the clear connection?

In all seriousness, that was truly the best Spice Girls book released.  Don't get me wrong, the bar was incredibly low.  But it was fun to see the girls old family photos.  I mean, if you were into them, or whatever, in like, the 90s.

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