Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rolling Stone: The 70's

Rolling Stone: The 70's
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I never had good taste in music.  I have always had an eclectic taste, but "good" is not the adjective you would use to describe it overall.  I was also born in the eighties.  When I was growing up, people were always talking about the 70's with nostalgia.  We would have days at school where we would wear bell bottoms and peace signs in honor (and also making fun of) the hippies.  We had no real understanding of that time, but we were still encouraged to play with it.

Later in life I would be lucky enough to date a woman who understood the beauty of classic rock and was very patient with me.  I am fairly certain that is how this book came to be.  I believe I bought it trying to find a reason for the little scraps I had picked up along the way.  I thought it was about music, but it was about everything.  Music, drugs, roe v wade, Vietnam, feminism.  We are over forty years away now, and I still have trouble believing the 70's did not happen just a minute ago.  Right before I was born....just a minute ago.

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