Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Photography Books

The Art of Portraits and the Nude and Take Better Pictures  by The Kodiak Library of Creative Photography
Weight: 3 lbs
Method of Disposal: Leaving Somewhere

Do you need any more reason than the photographs on the covers of these two books to believe that they are invaluable to budding photographer?  I mean, look at that woman in the camera.  How did they do that?!?! Okay, it was cooler in 1983 but, with digital imaging, it is hard to remember.  The woman on the Nude book has green eyeballs, excessive blush, and red lipstick.  Beautiful...yes?

My grandfather was so happy to hand these down to me, and I was happy he thought I was deserving of them--that he believed in my creativity, but I do not have to keep them forever because of that.  I, personally, will never forget these two photos.  Okay, that is a lie.  They will be gone from my mind forever in a week.

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