Monday, July 29, 2013

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly: A Life in Pictures  Jenny Curtis
Weight: 1 lb
Method of Disposal: Donating

I remember the first time I really noticed Grace Kelly.  I was in high school and working at Waldenbooks.  I had made a friend there named Kristal.  She was very into classic movies, amongst other wonderful things.  One day she was swooning about Rear Window, and it sparked my curiosity (she was great at doing that).  On my lunch break, I marched right down to Suncoast and purchased it for around $30-35.  I cannot imagine paying that much for a movie now!  I had no rent payments or utility bills then though and Netflix did not exist.  I guess I should have gone to Hollywood Video, but I was impulsive.

Anyway, I took the movie home, and I watched it.  I fell in love with Grace Kelly and thought she was absolutely beautiful.  Of course, for my friend, it was Jimmy Stewart who was the draw and, of course, Hitchcock.  With three big names like that you are going to have a popular movie!  It was really a fantastic introduction.

I, of course, still think she is beautiful though not at all my type...whatever my type is.


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