Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples

A Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples  by Attorneys Denis Clifford, Frederick Hertz, and Emily Doskow (NOLO)
Weight: 1.2 lbs
Method of Disposal:  I am not sure...should I recycle or donate it?

I am excited to say that this book is dated now.  I think there is still some helpful information so I am still thinking I might donate, but the laws around gay marriage have forever been changed in the United States and so many couples now have access to benefits they could never even dream of.  I love these books though, and I will absolutely buy a 2013 edition if and when it comes out.  They are very well done so that the laws and your options are easy to understand.  Seriously, I really cannot wait to buy an updated edition...even though I know I am not suppose to be purchasing any books...

I could actually really use a NOLO guide for the process I am going through right now or enough money to afford a lawyer!

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