Wednesday, August 19, 2015

American Nature: Our Intriguing Land and Wildlife

American Nature: Our Intriguing Land and Wildlife

Weight: 3.6 lbs
Method of Disposal: Donating

I feel another big change about to happen and so it seems important to cut off some more weight and as quickly as possible.  I never imagined that this project would take me so long, but I have a lot of books and very little spare time when I get home from the animal shelter.  I do not know how so many people are able to balance their work and home lives.  It seems to be something I am incapable of.  Work is all-consuming.  I think it is challenging when you work with living animals and each move you make effects them in some kind of way.  It is hard to stop, knowing there are so many out there needing help and attention.

This book came to me through one of the foster parents at the shelter.  She gave it to me along with many other wonderful gifts.  Unfortunately, she has moved now and, though we still text, we are not able to talk as often as before.  It was nice to look through it one more time before disbanding it, but I know the gift giver would understand.  It was when she was trying to decrease the amount of stuff she had that it came to me.  It is also possible that she is more of a free spirit than I will ever be,

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