Saturday, February 9, 2013

2005 Writer's Market

2005 Writers Market
Weight: 2.8 lbs
Method of Disposal: Recycling

Why am I up at 7 o'clock on my day off when dog training has been canceled?  Why am I drinking tea instead of coffee?  There may be someone involved in my distraction and the disorganization of my routines.  I am sure there will be more on that at a later time.

For now, I am just persisting in dismantling and losing weight.  This has been dated for sometime, and I should have trashed it--probably years ago--but I held out hope that it would help me as a resource.  That things might not have changed all that much.  Of course, in the world we live in now, I bet it has changed a lot.  Magazines and newspapers struggle to remain important and the larger bookstores are shutting down.

I am currently trying to decide on a real career path but, sometimes, when I peek out to look, I already feel so out of touch with the world.

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