Friday, February 1, 2013

44.2 LBS! 21 Books!

This post is going to be a little different because there are so many.  Did I mention I need to get some of these books outta here with a quickness-ish?!  Some of these books have beautiful photographs, some of them should never have been bought/read, and some of them were incredibly useful in their time but are not now.  The most important bit is that they had up to 44 lbs--the size of a Sergei when he is not overweight!

Watching Tracy throw out all that stuff tonight might have inspired me/made me a little jealous.  Not to mention, she might have jokingly threatened to come to my house and get rid of a bunch of books herself.  Tough love and whatnot.  I need to prove that I can let stuff go and focus my writing on books that I have a lot to say about.

 The Story of No Doubt, Christie's New York Playboy at 50: Selections From the Archives, The Unofficial X-Files Companion, On the Theme of Time 4X4 Photoshop and Flash, Single Image, The Unauthorized X-Files Challenge, The X-Files Trust No One The Official Third Season Guide, Melissa Etheridge: Our Little Secret, Icons of the Century, Ocean Realm Guide to Reef Creatures, US Magazine Crazy, Sexy, Cool, The Italian Renaissance, Scrapbooking Materials, Splendors of the Seas, Better Homes and Gardens Women's Health and Medical Guide, Disney's Treasury of Children's Classics, Lara Croft Tomb Raider The Official Film Companion, Cobain by Rolling Stone, Encyclopedia Madonna, Disney's The Lion King, and Disney: The Ultimate Visual Guide.


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