Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls: The Uncensores Story Behind Pop's Biggest Phenomenon  by Anna Louise Golden
Weight: 11 oz
Method of Disposal: Leaving in Joe's Coffee Shop in East Atlanta

You think you get rid of all of everything and then, inevitably, it creeps back up on ya.  Surely, surely, this is the LAST Spice Girls' book.  Right?
Okay, so you can tell I actually read this book.  There is a nice bend to the cover and pages.  I mean how could I resist the synopsis on the back of the book?!  It is so good I am going to type it for you, in its entirety, here:
After storming America with the might of a hurricane in January, the Spice Girls have become a British force to be reckoned with.  After all, this fab five's first hit single, "Wannabe." shot to the top of the charts in thirty-five countries across five continents.  Not too shabby for a once-struggling group of unkown artists.
Now here's the unauthorized book that dispels the rumors, squashes the innuendo, and lays it all out on the line.  Did Mel B really work as a "private" dancer?  Has Emma been known to streak in a hotel?"  And what happened to Geri's dress at the BRIT Awards?  Find out the facts behind the phenomenon--and add a little spice to your life!
I made sure to put my favorite parts in bold for you.  You know someone is going to be super excited to get this and give it to someone else as a gag gift!  You know it.  This book may spread more joy than any other book I have given away.  It is a hurricane of entertainment, empowerment, faux-feminsism (?), and hilarity.

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