Friday, February 1, 2013

Spice Girls

All About the Spice Girls and Me: Your Guide to Spice, Life, and Girl Power
Spice Girls: The Hottest Band Around 1996
Spice World: The Tour

Weight: 1 lb

Method of Disposal: Donating (Come on!  You know someone will buy one as a joke for a friend!)

I was just over at my dear friend, Tracy's, house helping her sort and get rid of books and clothes.  Last year she asked me if I might be interested in reading The Happiness Project and, while I did not particularly enjoy the book, when she mentioned each of us doing our own this year I decided to jump on board.  I focused on health and fitness in January, and I am still working on it.  I have incorporated some routine into my regular life and have signed up for two 5 Ks!  This month I am focusing on organization.  All day I worked on my own and then went to Tracy's to hang out and work on hers.  Don't tell anyone, but I might have taken home some books...I know, I know, counterproductive, but I cannot tell you how many I left!

Any who, I need to clean up and clear out, as I am hoping that the most Lovely Harriet will be coming to live with me soon, and I am sure she would be quite distressed if a bookshelf collapsed on her like one did on me about a month ago.  I am sure she would be horrified/disappointed to read that I chose to get rid of Spice Girls books in honor of her coming.  Sucks to be British in America, aye?

It is amazing that I still have these books--or not since I seem to say that all the time about assorted books and, clearly, I have a problem.  I would just like to point out, for the record, that the Spice World one is from their tour and my first ever big concert.  That's right.  I just came out with it.  Ginger Spice was my favorite, and she quit the group within a month (s?) of being in Atlanta.  Talk about sadness!  I was overwhelmed.  I even told a news reporter on my way in.  I was way too old for that shit, and my supportive buddy, Noelle, knew it and creeped away rather quickly.  Anyway, Girl Power, Friendship, and All that Jazz!

Cheers to a cleaner, more organized house and dismantling the eclectic library!


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  2. "Girl Power, Friendship, and All that Jazz!" -- my new mantra

    Agreed that the Happiness Project sucked, but loved the concept and love that you are doing it! Maybe that will motivate me...


  3. I love you so much. AND it makes me so happy to know you are still reading my blog after I disappeared for an entire month.

  4. "You can look up to them and they have girl power!" Remember when Girl Power was a popular marketing slogan? Le Sigh.

    I love that you got sidetracked while documenting your greatest ambitions.

    Also, do you still have that Spice Girls tableware?

  5. I do...but not for long. I am going to use it! I mean, no, no, I never owned that stuff. Pwow.