Monday, April 8, 2013

Blood Thirst

Blood Thirst: 100 Years of Vampire Fiction Edited by Leonard Wolf
Weight: 1.3 lbs
Method of Disposal: Donating

I feel half dead today.  All it really takes is having bad allergies in the spring and living in Georgia, trying to combat them with Claritin D, and then not getting any sleep for days in a row, but there. is. more.  I woke up to a seriously sick dog that is not mine but may not have a home.  The walls literally dripping with liquid feces.  Quite the cleanup at 8am this morning.  I am still monitoring her and hoping that she will be go okay.

Then, it was off to the shelter.  I was late, but the day started promptly with really wonderful people asking for my help on behalf of some seriously in need animals and me with not being able to help them.  Their stories sticking with me all day.  I agreed to be useful to people in any way I could out of guilt and a sense of obligation.  Doing home inspections on my days off for other humane societies, posting lost ads online, and taking phone numbers in case I could find something, afterall, for that pooch you found in the park, even as my own stray is fasting before her chicken and rice diet starts.

Things just kept falling apart and not going as planned.  The foster program I worked so hard to build seems to be crumbling more and more each day and my favorite pup, a pit bull that had lived at the shelter for around 5 years before going into "lifetime" foster, will be returned next month when her people move out of state.  I wanted so much more for her and thought we had finally found it.

How is this for an awkward, personal complaint post?  Like a good ol' Livejournal entry or something.  I feel like a vampire.  Delusional, tired, monotone, and a rage/desperation rising up within me that I am having trouble dispersing.  I didn't even know vampires were monotone...


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