Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Special Units: Assault Police

Special Units: Assault Police  by Octavio Diez
Weight: 1.1 lbs
Method of Disposal: Leaving in Joe's in EAV

In my first year of college I had a roommate that volunteered for CASA, a child advocacy group in the area.  She had to be sworn in by a judge incredibly early in the morning, but she did not have a car.  She would need me to give her a ride.  Again.  I woke up early.  I cannot remember exactly when now.  Maybe she had to be there by seven?  We drove around, looking for the courthouse to no avail.  We saw a police officer, and she asked me to pull over and ask her for directions.  I did and immediately she wrote me a citation for trespassing on government property.  I had no idea where I was, what I had done wrong, or why I had to wait for her to run my license in her database.  Because I was waiting in the car for such a long period, I was able to look around and note that I had pulled into DeKalb County Special Operations.  I had to go to court to appeal the decision, and then I was told I would have to come back again--same time, same place.  My teacher told me she would fail me if I missed the class to go to court and that I should just pay the ticket.  It sounds extreme, but she had a very strict policy for her class Women, Islam, and the Qur'an (which was very interesting by the by).  I paid the ticket.  My roommate volunteered for CASA. 

Atlanta Special Forces are featured in this book.  That is why this story is relevant.  It still pisses me off to this day.

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