Friday, May 18, 2012

The Great Penguin Rescue

The Great Penguin Rescue: 40,000 Penguins, a Devastating Oil Spill, and the Inspiring Story of the World’s Largest Animal Rescue  by Dyan deNapoli
Weight: 10.4 oz
Method of Disposal: Leaving Somewhere

Is there anything about this title and this book as a whole that does not scream at me to pick it up and read it right away?  No.  As if the words were in bold, my eyes see “penguin” and “world’s largest animal rescue.”  It is irresistible.  I dream of penguin rescue and here is someone who lived it.  This was one of those slip-ups where I bought a book after I had already started this project.  It happens sometimes.  I buy electronic books from time to time, and I also buy real books, though very very rarely.   Confession complete.  I simply NEED the feeling of walking into a bookstore, smelling the pages, and picking out some books at random.  Not looking for anything in particular except something new to read.  

I do not want penguins to be in need of rescue, but I know that they frequently are.  I do not believe in interfering too much with wild animals and their lives, except in the case of rescue, and so here is how I imagine my dream realized.  If I am ever to be around penguins, it will probably be in a rescue scenario.  I have worked with animals enough to know that rescue isn’t all glamour, and it isn’t full of cute and cuddly moments of joy all the time.  deNapoli talks about the stench, the razor sharp penguin bites, the sadness, and the sheer exhaustion of rescuing penguins after a massive oil spill.  She also talks about the strength of people, their overwhelming ability to come together and express love.  She has an amazing story to tell.

I am going to need someone to help me realize this dream.  Here is how you can make it happen.  Hook me up with one of these groups:

It will be a minimum of $2,000.  You have that laying around, collecting dust, right?  Okay okay.  I am joking, but I have realized that this is a dream I can make happen.  Eventually.  I can save the money and by the time my dogs pass away (which will be never if I have it my way) I will have it all, and I will go make a difference in some “ungrateful penguin’s” lives.  I cannot wait.  I CANNOT wait.

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