Sunday, May 13, 2012

Young Readers Nature Library

Young Readers Nature Library: The Sea
Weight:  1 lb
Method of Disposal: Leaving somewhere

I was recently able to go snorkeling for hours on multiple days.  I would just nonchalantly and with no effort hover around coral reefs and watch the fish go about their days.  Parrot fish broke coral bits off with their tiny little teeth.  I saw a large blue angel fish comingling with much smaller and less vibrant fish.  Two stingrays.  One, I was able to swim over and see two fish stuck to its back.   I saw a conch waddle away slowly and a whole family of cuddle fish.  A flounder with florescent blue circles all up and down its back.  It was the closest I would ever come to visiting outer space, a lifelong dream of mine.  A whole different world, not readily visible.  A place I could visit but couldn’t take pictures of (given it was because I could not afford the necessary camera).  I loved every magical moment of it.

I am going to leave this 30 + year old book somewhere for someone to find because the sea is always and forever fascinating.

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