Friday, May 11, 2012


Xena: Warrior Princess
Weight: 2 oz
Method of Disposal: Leaving somewhere

I was never a fan of Xena, though I felt like admitting it was like admitting I was a traitor to my lesbian history.  The love of the warrior princess became a way of recognizing other lesbians without any talk about sexuality amongst strangers.  Women the world over were smitten.  I still hear references to Lucy Lawless as the epitome of attraction.  I just never got into it.

I did hold onto this book for years though, and it was because of how it came to me.  My grandmother who was not at all comfortable with my lesbianism bought it for me.  Maybe it was my grandfather?  I just know that they gave me a stocking for Christmas.  I was digging out the mandatory nail clippers, dolphin figurines, and candy when I stumbled across this little purple book.  I wondered all sorts of things.  Was this a peace offering?  Did they know how popular she was amongst lesbians?  Did they just get it for me because she looked like a strong woman and knew I would appreciate that?  Was it given to them and in a moment of horror did they pass it on to their only granddaughter?  Did it accidentally fall into their bag while shopping and then into my stocking without them noticing?  How had it come to be?  I am still full of questions.  I decided then that it must mean something good.  That some level of understanding had been reached, even if it was not something so elaborate as God loving homosexuals.


  1. Amazing Grandma Story! I never understood the Xena thing, either, and I felt like a traitor. We should start our own lady lovin' club, with hotter idols.

  2. United we stand on the interwebs. Who is in our club?