Thursday, November 29, 2012

Have You Seen Me?

Have You Seen Me?  Laura Denham
Weight: 11.5 oz
Method of Disposal: Leaving in Midtown on a sidewalk

I just finished reading this one today.  I picked it up because the title suited my mood and the author's name is Laura.  I thought it was as good a sign as any to pick it off my shelves.  It also had nice well-spaced print and encouraging margins that made me hopeful that it would be a quick read.  I have been so exhausted, but still eager to get my book fix. 

It is Laura's debut novel, and I think she has a lot of potential.  I was willing to go anywhere with her main character.  Every once in awhile I would get confused and lost in the dialogue, but I would just power through and act like it was not happening.  Some aspects of the main character's life were fully realized and fleshed out and then others were too rushed, like the ending.  Sometimes the character was witty and other times her banter did not come off right.  It would be almost embarassing to read and, again, I would just power through, but I powered through because I wanted to read her story and know where she was going and might end up.  I was intrigued with her outlook on dot com culture and coming of age during a technology revolution.  I liked the timeframe of the story and found it unique to the settings of the other books I have read.  I would be curious to read another book of hers if she wrote one. 

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