Friday, November 23, 2012

The Butter Battle Book

The Butter Battle Book by Dr Suess
Weight: 12.4 oz
Method of Disposal: Gave to Lucas, Sarah's baby

This is one of my favorite Dr Suess books, though any close friend of mine knows that I am absolutely smitten with the Sneetches.  My dear friend Sarah and I use to work at a bookstore together and sometimes, when things were slow, we would read each other children's books.  She would make up her own words to Curious George, and it would crack me up.  She talked to me about all the political implications of Dr Suess, which encouraged my lifelong fascination with the man, the literature, and the cartoons.

We were talking about Lucas' book collection and how it was missing some of the essentials, and she mentioned The Butter Battle Book.  I would have had trouble letting this one go, but knowing it was going to Little Lucas was perfect.  I will never have kids of my own to pass these books and thoughts onto, but I now have a lot of kids in my life who can benefit.

By now, you have probably read The Butter Battle Book but, if you haven't or if it has been awhile, go check it out at the library or go to a bookstore.  The lesson of the book and the history is so obvious, and it is scary, but it is also wonderful.  It is a great way to teach kids about peace.

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