Friday, November 23, 2012


LIFE! Why We Exist...And What We Must Do To Survive  by Martin G. Walker
Weight: 4. 8 oz
Method of Disposal: Left at Chocalatte off Shallowford

This book got great reviews.  I cannot personally review it for you...sorry.  I realized soon after picking it up that I just cannot get into the philosophy mindset right now.  I am not convinced the time will come anytime soon.  I was drawn in by the title.  I want to know why we exist and what to do with it!  I guess I am just not ready to hear the answer yet.  I kept reading it and thinking, what is the point and how does this really help me continue to exist?  Even a reason for life does not give my life the reason I need to make it matter.  Why do I care about life's perseverance?  I do not claim any fault with the book.  I did not even finish it.  I am sure it is as good as so many other people have said, and I hope it reaches one of its intended readers now that I have let it go.

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