Saturday, March 9, 2013

Angelina and Gillian

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Tech Manual  by Michael Jan Friedman (2001)

The Unofficial X-Files Companion II by N. E. Genge (1996)

Weight: 2 lbs

Method of Disposal: Leaving at Joe’s in EAV

There seems to be a theme for the day, with the exception of Angry Girls.  These two books would have been purchased in my early teens.  Lara Croft because I thought Angelina Jolie was the sexiest woman alive.  I still find her attractive, but I have finally reached the stage in life where I do not have the need/desire to flip through pictures of her on a semi-regular basis and am content to casually watch her movies as they come out.

Gillian, on the other hand, still gets my giddy like a school girl.  I am far too excited about the possibility of her being in a new NBC television series, but I do not need to hold onto this ridiculously boring book with a very small amount of black and white photos.  And how often am I going to write on here, “this surely must be my absolute last X-File book.”  They just keep coming.  Like the glass in my backyard that continues to work its way up to the surface through dirt and mud, no matter how much I try to clean it out.

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