Saturday, March 23, 2013


Jay's Journal (Dr. Beatrice Sparks), The Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald), Cunt: A Declaration of Independence (Muscio), The X-Files: The Calusari (Nix), Island of the Blue Dolphins (O'Dell), Slaughter House-Five (Vonnegut)

Weight: 2.5 lbs

Method of Disposal: Leaving at Joe's in EAV

These are all titles I have written about and disposed of in past blogs.  There are quite a few books (particularly classics, required reading for school, and favorites) that I own duplicates of.  They are not shelved together so I do not see them right away when I am getting rid of their twins.  I owned more X-Files books than you want to know about.  Beatrice Sparks wrote faux journals for teens that I use to love as a kid.  Cunt was my favorite book all throughout high school and I bought many copies to hand out to people but now I am far less enthusiastic about the book.  Island of the Blue Dolphins was on so many public school lists, as was Slaughter House-Five, which is not my favorite Vonnegut book but still good and, incidentally, I have a tattoo from the novel on my back.  I got it for the dogs I have witnessed being euthanized, never having the chance at having a loving/secure home and because I kind of want it on my own tombstone as a sort of, "Okay, fuck you, but okay."


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