Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mommy Knows Worst

Mommy Knows Worst: Highlights from the Golden Age of Bad Parenting Advice  James Lileks
Weight: 1 lb
Method of Disposal: Leaving at Joe's in EAV

This book is pretty hilarious.  When I was growing up, my own mother was collecting snippets from various old magazines and books to make something very similar to this about the treatment of women.  You would not believe some of the stuff she uncovered!

In this book, there are ads encouraging women to wash their nipples with boric acid before nursing, to use laxatives with the whole family to give them more energy, and to keep their baby's bowels warm.  It is worth a looksee. 

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  1. How, pray tell, does one keep a baby's bowels warm? Should I be doing this?